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Backend/Fullstack Developer

I am an open-minded analytical thinker with a passion for problem-solving. I am a flexible worker, capable of working in groups or alone. Currently, I am an aspiring Junior Developer hoping to get as much experience as possible toward becoming a Full Stack or Backend Developer. I believe I was born to be a Developer and have since added both leadership and professional development skills to my natural ability to grasp computer concepts.

Passion for tech

Since a young age, I have always been fascinated with figuring out how things work. As an adolescent, I took apart and rebuilt my first PC and have been hooked onto all things computer-related since then. Having honed my mathematical skill and understanding I have gained even more insight into how computers operate and hope to continue learning as much as I can

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My  Portfolio

This is a slideshow showing some of the projects I worked on while learning to code in Python, HTML, CSS and JavaScript at Salesian Lifechoices. Click on the image to see more

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Javascript Calculator
Mathematics Curriculum Website
Swegga Fashion Website
Python - Lotto app
Python - Weather app
Python - Music Player


These are testimonials by people who know me

  • Godwin Dzvapatzva

    Aashiq is a highly driven individual who always puts positive attitude towards his work. He has supreme communication skills and is capable of breaking down a problem into simple manageable tasks. I would highly recommend him for a Full-stack position, he has all the right skills.

  • Thapelo Tsotsetsi

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  • Alexander Maart

    Aashiq is an honorable man and a diligent worker. He is always keen to help others without question. When a problem arises he displays good leadership skills and is capable of working well with others. Well mannered and cool-headed in all situations, Aashiq displays all the qualities a prospective employer would be seeking.

  • Junain Reynecke

    Aashiq is such a kind and calm person, which translates into his work. He is always striving for the best in everything he does. I am confident he will do justice to his talents and abilities. He has the potential to add value to any organisation, I highly recommend him.

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